Das Zentrallabor auf dem 36c3 des Chaos Computer Clubs

From growing Mushrooms to an open Microbiology Laboratory

A story on how I build a mushroom lab from zero to the first flush.

For some years now I’ve been very fascinated by mushrooms – their diversity, features and importance. And with the release of Star Trek Discovery, my interest has shifted from ”World Wide Web” to “Wood Wide Web”, so I started to build a small laboratory to further explore these amazing creatures.

This talk will be a story on how I build that lab from zero to the first flush. What I needed, which tools i used, built and bought. What I learned, how I failed and why I do that at all. How everything ended and how I met other people who inspired me to open up the idea and form a vision for an open DIYBio Laboratory in Hamburg.

Starts at2019/12/27 18:00
Ends at2019/12/27 19:00
Duration60 minutes
LocationRoom:Studio Datscha


The DIYBio community is a network of Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-Together biologists. They come together at meetups and spaces to support other people and to learn and work with plants, microbiology and bio-technology. 

But in contrast to open workshops like Fablabs, Hacker- and Makerspaces, which are rapidly growing, such bio-laboratories are still rare to find and/or not easily accessible. I personally want to establish such a space in my city, and I am interested to hear what you think about DIYBio and what you might have already learned or achieved.

So let us come together, connect and talk about DIYBio: the intentions, responsibilities, chances, risks and problems. What is required to build such a space, how to grow partnerships? Let’s share ideas for workshops, projects and collaborations! I would love to hear your input so we can come up with a good plan that goes into the right direction!

Starts at2019/12/27 14:00
Ends at2019/12/27 15:00
Duration60 minutes
LocationRoom:Studio Datsche

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